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Stamped concrete, also known as textured or imprinted concrete is a type of concrete structure that replicates stones, flagstones, slate, brick, tiles, and yes, even wood. It is done by stamped concrete contractors to enhance the beauty and function of sidewalks, driveways, patios, interior flooring, and pool decks. It almost looks like the real thing and is a great alternative at less cost.

Does It Look Real?

You would see how remarkably real-looking a stamped concrete may look. This is due to the fact, that these things are actually molded from the item that they were made to mimic or replicate. You may even say that it even looks better than the real thing.

To get its realistic look, concrete contractors in Worcester Massachusetts, mostly use dry-shake color along with surface-applied colored mediums. In addition to that, stamped concrete is a lot easier to maintain since you don’t have to worry about weeds or moss growing between the joints.

How Does It Fare Compare To The Real Thing?

Stamped concrete has many good reasons why it is a better option than installing real stone, here are some of the reasons:


Stamped concrete is so durable that with little effort it may even last for decades. When using real stone or precast pavers, you will have to contend with weeds growing in between them as well as keeping the joint filled with sand.


So many patterns and colors to choose from. It is the ultimate in customization and replication.


It is very cost-effective since pouring concrete takes much less time to install compared to setting brick or stone, one by one. You would even have to contend with how they would fit with each other. Sometimes some paver options may cost less to install than stamped concrete. However, it may cost more in the long run as it will require some repair, maybe some major refurbishing, or even a replacement.

Easier And Faster Installation

Installing stamped concrete is much more practical and faster to install than stone or any similar material.

How Long Does It Last?

Stamped concrete when properly installed may last for as long as 25 years. But of course, that goes along with proper maintenance. It also can survive harsh weather conditions like winter.

Additionally, a good color hardener greatly adds to its durability, while applying a sealer protects it from ordinary wear and tear and preserve its original design.

How Is It Made?

Stamped concrete has 3 major procedures that are done to it that differentiate it from an ordinary slab of concrete.

  1. Adding A BaseĀ  Color

    This the first or primary color that is put into the concrete before anything else is added. It is done by adding a color hardener to the concrete. It is mainly a powder pigment that is utilized to dye the wet slab. It is usually in the shade of the color of the natural material that is being replicated or built.

  2. Adding An Accent Color

    This is the secondary color that is used to produce the texture and to bring out added materials for building. This accent color is created by putting color release to the concrete.

  3. Stamping Patterns

    This pattern finally shows the shape of the natural building material being replicated. It is made by casting or imprinting the concrete right after it has been poured with a “concrete stamp”. Generally, concrete stamps make the pattern in the concrete. It is what is put on to the concrete after applying the color release.

The stamps are pressed on to the concrete and are removed, leaving the pattern on until the concrete hardens.

Popular finishes are flagstone, brick, natural stone and so forth.

Our Stamped Concrete Contractors Services

Stamped Concrete Patio

A well thought out and properly installed stamped concrete patio in your home can bring out the best of the outside premises of your property. It can give your space that high-end feel and look, without necessarily incurring the cost.

Here are Some of the Designs that will give your patio that desired functionality and beauty.

  • Ashlar Slate

This pattern makes use of a mix of rectangular shapes that are not necessarily uniform. They are fitted together to form a rather unique appearance and function which is both pleasing to the eye and firm on the feet.

  • Brick

Your patio will take on that traditional look without the additional cost. Stamped concrete may replicate traditional brick shape or a unique- looking herringbone design.

  • Wood

Wood stamped concrete can mimic a wood deck that many homeowners want for their patio. Using concrete creates the same great warm look but is more durable and would never rot.

Driveways And Sidewalks By Our Stamped Concrete Contractors

A stamped concrete allows for the decorative and functional purpose of your driveway to take on that unique feel. Again, we can do this without the cost of the individual laying of stones or bricks. You can add the popular Stamped Compass Medallion as a centerpiece of your driveway. It comes in varied motifs like rose compass designs, lotus blossoms, and more.

Stamped concrete sidewalks and walkways allow you to create a unique path between the garden shed to your house. They are virtually maintenance-free except for the required sealing every few years or so. It is also significantly less susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures in the winter months.

Pool Decks And Interior Flooring By Our Stamped Concrete Contractors

A stamped concrete pool deck adds texture and a great pattern to your pool space. You can have a durable, beautiful, and virtually low maintenance outdoor space. When sealed well, a stamped concrete can resist pool chemicals, water exposure, as well as fading. We can even add a heat resistant finish to make it suitable for bare feet.

Turning that interior concrete slab of your home into a stamped concrete design is now an available alternative for homeowners. It still is not a popular choice for the moment, but as one guest would put it, “The floor just looked like real stone”. It might just become the wave of the future for stamped concrete.

Note: Please be advised that we don’t do asphalt services, only concrete.

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